How To Crack NEET 2022 + License Key [2023]

How To Crack NEET 2022 + License Key Free Download

How To Crack NEET 2022 is an absolute necessity during your NEET Preparation; else, you will never recognize what you have considered and what is yet to be contemplated. NEET practice papers on Embibe contain incalculable inquiries dependent on NEET earlier years papers. In the wake of rehearsing regularly, you should chip away at your more vulnerable regions.

Stepping through normal counterfeit exams will help you in building your certainty. While taking NEET mock tests on Embibe, you find a good pace at its best. This is conceivable with the assistance of the test examination produced after each test you take. See your score improve from one test to straightaway, bringing about the best scores in the NEET test.

How To Crack NEET

Regardless of whether you have aced a specific point, idea, section or subject, you should update them all the time. Correction is pivotal for your NEET Preparation. At Embibe we help you with the NEET Study materials which are liberated from cost. You can change and study with the assistance of these materials whenever.

Qualifying the NEET PG Exam will be simple in the event that you dedicate in any event 7-9 hours every day without missing a day in the middle. The explanation of destruction for the greater part of the NEET hopefuls is the absence of consistency. Understudies neglect to stay on track and go astray from their course of concentrate after some time. DA committed and predictable exertion is must for each competitor intending to clear the NEET PG Exam. Here are fa ew focuses you should keep in time for the powerful time the board:

How To Crack NEET 2022

First of all, you have to comprehend why an understudy should score over 600 stamps in NEET. We know there are a few governments and private clinical schools in India that offer MBBS seat based on NEET score. Yearly cost in private clinical schools is too high to possibly be reasonable for an understudy of white-collar class family. Thusly, all understudies need to get a seat in government clinical school. Because of appeal, affirmation in these head government clinical universities is conceivable just if the competitor gets a generally excellent position. To book a seat in these administration clinical schools, NEET competitor should focus to score at least 600 stamps in NEET 2022 .

Scoring 600 in NEET require 150 right answers out of 180 with no negative stamping. This objective of 600 imprints is conceivable on the off chance that you plan appropriately. Ensure that your training at last stages gets you near 150 MCQs right. To be on a more secure side you may endeavour 165 and get 5-10 MCQs wrong. You ought to likewise arrange for the amount you should endeavour and score in each subject dependent on your qualities and shortcomings.

Finding the right solution for MCQ in Biology is a lot simpler than in Physics or Chemistry gave you have completely arranged NCERT and at any rate one other great Biology Book. Thusly, your first objective ought to be Biology. For finding right solution for MCQs in Physics and Chemistry you have to have part of the training. In the event that you need to acquire over 600 stamps in NEET entrance test, you should initially create the capacity to tackle at least 150 right MCQs in NEET.

How To Crack NEET 2022

Step by step instructions to Crack NEET 2022 in First Attempt – Aspirants of NEET-UG ought to set up a methodology to break NEET in the first endeavour so as to do as well as they possibly can in the test. NEET 2022 will be hung on May 3 and up-and-comers showing up for the test ensure that they qualify NEET UG in the main endeavour itself. In the event that we pass by the earlier year patterns, at that point, one will barely go over toppers who are not beginners. The explanation is that the NEET UG prospectus is comparable with the Class 11 and 12 schedules of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The most effective method to get ready for NEET  in the first endeavour enables up-and-comers as they to read for the board test and serious tests all the while. NEET toppers trust in escalating the planning in a shrewd path as opposed to evading the test for the following meeting.

I am sharing TIMETABLE AND STRATEGY ALONG WITH FAQs, basically compiling things that helped me to clear NEET UG .

Hold on tight this is going to be a long answer!!

Firstly, ALWAYS keep in mind a rough estimation of a date on which you’ll be giving the exam so that you plan accordingly.

Then take a rough idea of things like, When you would be completing the course, when would you start practicing full syllabus mock tests, etc.

I’ll recommend Categorizing all topics into easy, moderately tough, and difficult according to you.

Identifying your weak areas and working on them will surely help you.


PHYSICS: It is the most feared😱 subject by most of the NEET ASPIRANTS!!

While tackling physics the main strategy is to understand the concept properly and practice a maximum number of questions.

This might seem like an easy strategy also in reality it really is 🥺😁✌️, the only hard part in it is being consistent🤓.

I try to revise the formula of any particular chapter every day, that’s what helps me take multiple rounds of revision enabling better memorization.

Also practice questions daily, whether it is from your teacher’s notes or any question bank you are following.

Doing Question practice and revising formulas will improve your score.

BIOLOGY: The favorite😍 subject of almost every NEET ASPIRANT!!

I recommend following JUST NCERT thoroughly, It is more than just sufficient.

NCERT IS LIKE A HOLY BOOK 📖, just learn and remember it line-to-line.

If you want to practice questions in biology just follow any question bank or coaching material that you find relatable.

Learn Every line of the book, do the maximum number of revision

CHEMISTRY: I had a different strategy for all three parts, which are Inorganic, Organic, and Physical, I am telling all three in brief here.

  1. INORGANIC: It is a memory-based subject. What it means is that you need to remember the concept, you cannot drive them just like in physics. Follow NCERT for Inorganic, as all the questions coming in the NEET examination will be from NCERT itself. Try remembering all the data. like remembering all the alloy names and what is the composition, remembering all the different reactions of Blocks.
  2. ORGANIC: In this too, you need to rely on NCERT itself. most questions asked in the NEET exam are directly from lines of the chapter. Reading the NCERT thoroughly along with practice will be sufficient.
  3. PHYSICAL: Just like physics, Question practice is a must in physical too. seeing the general trend most of the questions are either data-based or direct formula-based. Revising the formulas regularly will be helpful.


  • Having a customized timetable according to need is something that everyone should do in my recommendation.
  • In studying on a proper timetable, you will be getting a proper view about how you will be spending your time enabling time management thus, studying efficiently than everyone else.
  • Give time to all three subjects in a day, distribute the time depending on the need.
  • Make sure to incorporate enough time a day for revision and practice the topics already studied.
  • While preparing for any competitive examination, REVISION IS KIND OF MUST!
  • Doing more and more revision helps us solve the questions even faster than previously.
  • While solving a mock paper, every time try completing the test in less than 3 hours this will prevent you from facing a time crunch during the exam.
  • Set a designated time for all your leisure activities, this would avoid the feeling of being overburdened with studies.
  • Prepare the schedule in such a way that tough topics are often practiced for ensuring a far better grip on the tough part.

This is how my study table looks like-

  • I used to solve test papers online as was studying from home.
  • Also used my laptop for watching some topics that were doubtful to me.


Q. How much question practice needed to be done in PCB?

  • All three subjects matter to you for scoring a good rank, that’s was practice as much as you can.
  • Unlike previous years now you cannot skip or prioritize some topics over others, ALL TOPICS ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT.
  • Get a good look at topics that you find tough, making them your power rather than weakness.
  • Those topics that you are constantly finding difficult might be the ones that needed the most attention.

Q. How to Maintain a Good Score in mock tests?

  • Study daily, Keep revising the whole syllabus accordingly and you might constantly get a good score.
  • Do not get overconfident, this might not be helpful.
  • While constantly scoring good marks, sometimes we got overconfident that we might start skipping reading the whole question carefully. PLEASE AVOID THIS.
  • Learn from your mistakes, avoid repeating the same.

Q. What are the resources one should follow?

  • NCERT is a must for Biology, organic and Inorganic.
  • Solving the previous year’s papers is also a must to do.
  • For Biology, question practice follow any question bank that you find reliable. same for Physics as well as Chemistry.
  • The thing that matters in physics is remembering the formulas and solving the questions in the least time, practicing questions helps in reducing the questions solving time.
  • For practice, Instead of doing 10 books, do one book 10 times!
  • Do not study anything other than NCERT for biology. If you are finding questions out of NCERT then you should either do not attempt them or you can briefly keep them in mind for future tests.

Q. How to manage time?

  • Making a decent timetable will solve the problem of time management, keep in mind the above-mentioned steps while making one for yourself.

Q. How to be motivated all the time?

  • Make study fun, that is one way of being able to study all the time.
  • There will be ups and down`s during your study phase, Every day is not the same. You cannot be motivated all the time.
  • Maintaining yourself is the main thing you can do.
    • Just try following a strict timetable, Initially, it might be tough but over a while, you will find yourself easily following your routine of studying.

Q. How to deal with weak topics?

  • Give more time on strengthening your weak topics along with keeping the remaining topics in check.
  • The thing is most aspirants study their already strong topics while keeping aside the weak ones ! that is not helpful.
  • Manage your time properly so that you give enough time for a weak topic.

Q. How to stop repeating the same mistakes?

  • Most of our mistakes came out while either practicing the questions or solving a mock test.
  • Self Analysis is the key.
  • Keep note of the places where you are doing the question in the wrong way! note whether you’re putting the wrong formula or doing some mathematical error or just doing silly mistakes.
  • Identifying these helps to narrow down to a solution.
  • If it is a Formula error, try revising the formula.

Q. How frequently should we give mock tests?

  • It depends on how much you have prepared the syllabus.
  • If you have completed the whole syllabus then I will recommend doing at least one mock every day or in two days.

Q. How to Ace NCERT?

  • Practice brings perfection.
  • Revise multiple times, that’s the way to ace.

Q. How to avoid distractions?

  • The main distraction for me was using excessive mobile, that’s why I used to put my phone in focus mode whenever I study.

How To Crack NEET Serial Key


How To Crack NEET License  Key


Final Words

How to split NEET 2022 in the first endeavour isn’t just about difficult work however it The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a clinical placement test and is directed to fill MBBS and BDS situates in government and private clinical schools in India. Understudies ready to get an affirmation in top clinical universities in India need to clear this test with a decent score to accomplish that. NEET is led by National Testing Agency (NTA) and it has supplanted all other individual assessments led by states or schools. Understudies, who qualify NEET get 15% held share into all India Government clinical and dental universities.

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