iMazing 2.16.9 Crack+ Activation Key [2023]

iMazing 2.16.9 Crack+ Activation Key Free Download 2023

iMazing 2.16.9 Crack is an exhaustive OS programming game plan that gives an unblemished and made interface for scrutinizing the substance of any device running iOS. Also, the iMazing mac split application can recognize any iOS device when you partner it to your Mac and will normally stack its substance for straightforward and essential scrutinizing.

iMazing Crack is the final word iOS structure boss with limits far past what iTunes oversees. With iMazing and your iOS structure (iPhone, iPad, or iPod), you may: Copy music to and from any iOS system, Backup and restore explicit individual iOS applications and your changed saved information, heavenly for releasing up an area in your iOS system without shedding your records data (or progress in a redirection) or for copying the application as-is to a substitute iOS and rather more!

DigiDNA iMazing Free Download

iMazing Crack

iMazing Crack is a marvelous utility made by DigiDNA. This lets customers switch records information from one iOS gadget to different despite make the support of data. You can enable customers to plan their information and units with full organization and exactness. It’s a proper wide decision of working undertakings alongside iOS, Mac despite Home windows units. This lets you take information support and restore information for various iOS units and rather more. It is ideally progressively cunning over one another programming program out there to customers.

You can incorporate information of your old gadget to your new gadget with the incredibly immediate buyer interface. One contraption goes probably as an external demanding circle to the different gadget and you may move information with simply a solitary tick on. Not solely this you may make an accurate age of your contraption with programming program as agreeably. Also, you may take robotized fortification of the gadget with the Wi-fi area out there.

iMazing Crack, you may acquaint higher prosperity with your transmissions despite fortifications. You scramble information for transmission or support. This permits you to extra and switch information without threat of any unapproved use. What’s more, it offers choices to account your telephone information like voice message, artistic substance messages, contacts, and sight, and sound messages.

The Apple iPhone and the entire ecosystem have become a revered range of lifestyle gadgets that people can’t seem to get enough of. The Apple community is continually being bombarded with support software and accessories to improve areas where the proprietary software seems to falter. With a heavily restrictive ecosystem put in place by Apple, it’s challenging to achieve the same user freedom that Android has been blessed with. However, that’s the price most users are willing to pay since Apple brings stability, performance, and compatibility but sacrifices at the expense and freedom.

If you’re looking to get into the Apple ecosystem and keep the freedom of choice, along with the ability to transfer data quickly? In that case, a tool that can help with back-ups or data transfers for an iPhone or Apple device that surpasses iTunes’ limitations is essential, which is why iMazing has you covered. With features that can bring a slew of features to your iDevices, such as back-up and transfer of data, music, videos, or even text messages, iMazing does it all and does it with ease.

Note: iMazing 2 is available for macOS and Windows. We tested the app on a MacBook Pro 13′ running Intel Core i5 processor for this review.  

What is iMazing?

Developed by “DigiDNA,” the software was first released in as “DiskAid” and then renamed “iMazing.” As the name suggests, it is an “amazing” management tool that functions like a Swiss Army knife. It allows data transfers between all Apple devices (iPads, iPhones, iPods, Macs) and supports Windows and macOS. iMazing essentially lets you manage every aspect of your iOS and iPadOS device, allowing you to back-up and restore your devices wirelessly and effortlessly.

For instance, you use iCloud to back up your photos and transfer full-resolution files to the PC or Mac hard drive. Unlike iTunes, iMazing makes this uber easy by sharing pictures and exports other aspects such as texts and voicemails to my computer without any hassle. However, the real winning feature is transferring specific app data to various devices on a per-app basis.

The tool promises to deliver various things, such as backups, migration of data from one phone to another, and transfer of app-data on a per-app basis. Let’s get on with the steps on installing it and looking at how well everything works.

Getting started with iMazing

With thousands of stellar reviews from long-term users, iMazing has become a dependable data-device management tool for all Apple devices. The features it provides are something of a rarity in the ecosystem, succeeding even the limitations of Apple’s very own iTunes app, and makes the process simple with straightforward instructions. The user experience is as narrowed-down as it gets, with everything easily accessible. It gives the power users a robust settings window to do all of their tinkerings with ease. The installation process is simple and straightforward and can be done in under five minutes with the following steps:

Step 1: Head on to the iMazing website found here and continue to the downloading process.

Step 2: Download the software, and don’t worry about the device as the website automatically detects what OS you’re using.

Step 3: Install or run the downloaded file and continue by clicking next.

Step 4: Complete the installation process by following the directions the installer provides.

Step 5: After the installation process is completed, run the software and enjoy all its benefits and features with ease.

Note: iMazing provides some features that are free of cost, but for a full experience and all the exclusive features, you will need to get an activation key or license by buying the software.

With the installation steps covered, let’s get to the breakdown and what we think of iMazing as a iOS management tool.

iMazing detailed review

As dedicated Apple fanboys, we are always on the lookout for a better iTunes replacement. As experiencing the Android ecosystem’s freedom, Apple’s offering always seemed weak and lackluster, and with that, a solution became necessary.

Whether getting thousands of photos backed-up to having the ability to transfer all data from one phone to another, nothing was ever as simple as a single click away. So if you’re stuck on the same boat as me and don’t want to get into the underperforming software available, then iMazing would fare to be an asset to you as it is to me. iMazing provided a variety of features but without getting all into it, let’s dive into some of my favorites and what I think would benefit you the best.

Data transfer and backups – all locked down

With the newer iPhones, the brittle glass body makes a significant difference in durability, it is no wonder that most damages occur to the back, and a simple drop can ruin your device. So, being cautious and careful would be the primary choice, and using backups to your advantage is the crucial aspect you should be looking into.

The same as iTunes, the backup feature will always be handy, and it proved to us the same. The backups we did were clean and fast with easy restoration ability, and they also provide a function that allows us to do incremental backups saving time and resources.

A winning feature of iMazing, in our opinion, was the ability to create Automatic Backups, which entirely eliminates the need for the premium backup solution of Apple iCloud. Unlike iCloud which limits your ability to backup content and the amount of data you can backup, iMazing takes it a step further with the Wi-Fi Connection feature, which untethers your iPhone or iPad from the Mac and allows you to keep your contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, music, and everything else backed up safely.

When it comes to down to the Data Transfer ability, iMazing does not hold back, with a slew of features to not only transfer files between the macOS computer and the iDevice, but across multiple devices. All you need to do is hit the Quick Transfer button to drag and drop files directly into the iPhone or iPad.

Additonally, the option to Transfer to another device enables you to swap content such as media photos as videos, messages, contacts, calendar entries, and so much more. If you ever needed to just move the data our of your iPad and Export All Data to the computer, iMazing allows you to do so with just a click. However, unlike iTunes which bundles everything together into an encrypted backup file, iMazing lets you handpick elements such as Photos, Videos, Books, Call History, Voicemail, and so much more.

The transfers work as they are supposed to. It was seamless and quick, and the data transfers to the desktop or other iPhone and Android devices worked the same without any hiccups.

The conversion feature allows you to save a ton of time and storage capacity when transferring thousands of high-resolution photos. Converting the images to lighter formats such as “.jpeg or .png” could lead to a faster transfer rate and more significant storage space.

As with ProRAW, as Apple states, it is a new file format for better and higher detailed RAW images that provide a tonne of data for further editing, and a tool that helps manage this file format becomes a gold choice in any design. This won’t be of any use to you if you don’t shoot in RAW and would only benefit the enthusiasts.

The very reason iMazing has been popular among long-time Apple users is that these users have been sick and tired of the shortcomings of iTunes and most other free data back-up apps out there. Not only bringing you the best set of features that any layman or pro user could expect, iMazing presents you all of it in a pretty package, supported by a clean user interface that takes no time to get used to. We recommend iMazing as your all-in-one back-up, data recovery, and media management tool for macOS, and while it does come at a premium price, you’ll find it worth every cent.

Features of iMazing Crack:

  • Move records from old contraptions to new with an incredibly profitable UI. Basically reorder your optimal substance.
  • You can copy the media record with no synchronization of contraptions.
  • Also, you can save your photos on a device. In addition, we can move them to any device with this application.
  • Save your support data to fogs with no portion. Likewise, make them with no issue with far off affiliations.
  • With this, you can extra, admission, and print your message conversations, for instance, iMessages, MMS, or texts.
  • You can move your data securely with programming. There is no risk to data while moving data with this program.
  • It also can move your iOS device contact to your work territory device to make a contact list. Moreover, keep your contact sparer.
  • You can run a comparative application on a PC and an iOS contraption. Likewise, keep data synchronize with this application.
  • Similarly as you can incorporate or remove any of the contraptions to coordinating the control list. Similarly as clear any dangerous iOS.
  • You can save your support to different territories including outside hard plates.
  • It gives the UI 11 worldwide language supports.

What’s happening?

  • Improved the presentation of Jail Break Detection
  • Totally great with recently out of the plastic new iPad models
  • Fixe issue of conveying records from diagonal accentuation line character
  • Thusly, smart trade features grant it to work without any problem
  • Gives you more gadgets to store your data safely
  • Support for iTunes or above
  • As of now, you can without a doubt modify the solicitation for WhatsApp and Messages strings by hitting the header
  • Fixed issue which related to the data name in WhatsApp where it shows up according to UTC instead of close by time
  • This variation grants mass charges of WhatsApp messages
  • Moreover, the improved comparability with the past type of WhatsApp
  • Fix the issue which related to conveying messages to PDF records
  • Also, the improved fortification break for colossal fortifications

System Requirement:

  • Least 2 GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM or better
  • 150MB on the Hard circle

How to Crack?

  • Download iMazing game plan from the Given Link
  • Concentrate records using WinRAR
  • Run the game plan and complete it
  • Run the program
  • Use Activation Keys to Activate the Program
  • By and by restart the system
  • Appreciate!

iMazing Activation Key


iMazing Serial Key


Final Words

The iOS management feature didn’t bring anything new, and the same can be done using iTunes. Still, the fact that it’s present and works flawlessly with any update checks and re-installation will remain a boon to the users of iMazing. This is not something we base our review on entirely but is still a great feature to have, and well, the more you get for your money, the better.

Another niche and undervalued option that most people glance over. But my technical mind and curious side got the better of me, and if you’re anything the same, the detailed device information the software provides can help you learn a lot from the performance of the CPU to the health of your iPhones’ battery.

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